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Time to hit the gym and become a better version of yourself! In 7 days!

This is our third Ludum Dare entry, and an arcadey button masher minigame about trying to reach the top of the food chain before your power runs out. Or life.

There’s alot that was left missing from the game, alot of plain mistakes left unfixed, but I’m pretty happy in what we got done in the time given. I might update it with some extra features later on as a Post-Jam version.


  • Arrow keys: move character
  • X: Interact, Minigame Action 1
  • Z: Set weights, Minigame Action 2


  • Setting weights is crucial for you to succeed in your task.
  • You can buy stuff from vending machines that help you on your journey with WOW points that you accumulate with succesful training routines.
  • Håkan likes fishing on a hot summer’s eve.


Windows Standalone

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